1 Step Colour

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1 STEP COLOUR is a unique product that allows you to lift UP TO 7 LEVELS and deposit a colour in one easy step.
Removes chemical pigments (polymers) from the hair,”pre-coloured hair tint”
Removes natural pigments (melanin) from the hair.
Deposits colour from our range.

How We Got Started

The 1 STEP COLOUR is a revolutionary colour cream product created by Hairdressers for Hairdressers, that can lift and deposit colour in one easy step.

After two years of research and development in the professional salon workplace, The 1 STEP COLOUR was launched in 2015 in the UK and Europe.
The 1 STEP COLOUR revolutionary concept and limitless potential immediately garnered interest in the hair colouring world.

We realise that most of our clientele have coloured hair and the most common remover of synthetic pigment is powder bleach, which is not only harmful if inhaled, but also inconsistent with the result.

This was the beginning of two years of research and development, and now we have a lift cream with pigment that not only lifts up to seven tones, but also deposits. This will allow the haircolourist to have a more uniform result.

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Different from any other oxidation hair dyes, 1STEP COLOUR features unique characteristics.

This creative product, which can be used as an all-over colour, or for dying sections of hair, is a cream that ensures lift and colour at the same time.

Mixed with the correct volume of cream developer, 1STEP COLOUR removes natural pigments (melanin) or chemical pigments (polymers) from the hair.

The resulting emulsion is alkaline (in the range of Ph10), and ensures, on average, seven levels of lift. At the same time, new oxidation-resistant pigments penetrate into the hair strands (with four to six levels).

Remarkable inward and outward molecular movement has a threefold action:

Lifting - Melanin depigmentation.
Colouring - Hair colouring with new oxidation-resistant pigments.
Removal - Removal of residual pigments

These actions may results in colour variation due to:

The existing residual pigment in the hair combined with the new added pigments (for example, yellow and blue equals green).
The 1STEP COLOUR is a progressive colour (for example, longer processing time will result in different shades).
Temperature during application.
Hair structure and texture.
Mixing ration with the different types of developer (10-20-30-40 vol).

Mixing 1STEP COLOUR Series (1:1) Example

1 part of 1STEP COLOUR 1: 45g +1 part of Cream Developer 1: 45g 3% (10vol) or 6% (20vol) or 9% (30vol) or 12% (40vol)

Application 1STEP COLOUR

Apply the product from the lengths to the ends. Wait until the desired lift is reached.


Download the full manual here: 1Step Colour manual CPS

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